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Brian's Page of Stuff!

Various Pages of Mine

My Dale Earnhardt Page
The #1 driver ever in NASCAR.
My Southpark Page
The best cartoon out there!
My Salute to Chris Farley
A salute to the greatest comedian ever.
My University of Michigan Football Page
the 1997-98 NCAA Champs
My Red Wings Page
The 97,98 Back to Back NHL Champs
My nWo page
The #1 wrestling orginazation ever.
Green Bay Packers Page
Salute to the greatest NFL team the Packers.
My nWo wolfpack page
The hottest orginization in wrestling
My Macho Man Page
Brian's Pictures from Vacations
Pictures from Colorado and Toronto
My own wrestling pics
Pictures taken at Thunder and a house show.
Brian's page of family and friends
Pictures of all my favorate relatives and friends! (Under Construction)
Hagelshaw Family Tree
Still working on this page any relatives with any info would be apprciated!(Under Construction)


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Brians Page of Stuff


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Other Important Pages not done by me.

Welcome to my new page. If you have any ideas for my page please feel free to e-mail me or leave a note in my guestbook. I love many various topics as you can see from my list of pages of mine. Feel free to e-mail me on these topics or ICQ me. My ICQ number is 4193164. Comming soon to my page will be pics from me and some friends playing hockey. So keep comming back. Gonna be updating ALL of my pages. SO if you have checked the out, check them again!Thanx for visiting my page. NOW HERE!!! Check out my Vacation page with pictures from vacations I have taken over the years. MORE UPDATES SOON TO COME!!Now here! Finally my Red Wings page as been updated with complete stats of each key player! CHECK IT OUT!! PLease click on these ad banner they make me cash interested in using your site to make money go to Lycos Affiliation Program

Visit the officail Home of the UAG!!(now new and improved!!!!)
Click here to leave me a message thanx to ICQ!
Doug Cookes Home Page
My chat room! Must be registered at netcentral.com!

Visit my little sister's Charlie Brown home page

Visit my sisters music page!

Visit my Member Forum at Deja News.

Some of the greatest people have visited this site great times!!!!
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